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December 4, 2019

Moving Tips and Tricks!

Top 10 Moving Tips & Tricks

1. PURGE YOUR STUFF: Nobody wants to bring their old stuff to a new place. Go through your belongings and decide what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. Moving is a great excuse to downsize on things you might not need. Lots of donation services do free pickup as well which can be helpful for those who want to donate their unwanted items but can’t get it to a donation site.

2. PLAN AHEAD: Make a schedule for yourself! Moving can be very overwhelming, creating and following a plan can help you feel organized and on track.

3. SECTION YOUR BOXES: To help stay organized, make sure you keep your boxes separated by item (i.e. don’t mix kitchenware with clothing). Use sticky notes to color code your boxes (i.e. purple is for bathroom and yellow is for kitchen), this will ensure you know exactly where everything is.

4. KEEP HANGING CLOTHES ON HANGERS: Don’t waste your time unhanging all of your clothes just to hang them up again when you get to your new place. Leave them on the hangers and put them in a garbage bag by poking a hole through the top. This will keep your clothes protected and keep things easy when you’re unpacking. Just hang the bunch, rip the garbage bag, and your closet is all set!

5. PACK A FIRST NIGHT BOX: Keep everything you’ll need for your first night in one place. This will help you avoid opening merely every box you packed looking for your toothbrush. Pack a change of clothes, toiletries, and chargers together so you are prepared!

6. FIND BOXES FOR CHEAP OR FREE: Buying boxes for moving can get expensive. Try finding places that will give you boxes for free (i.e. liquor stores) or for cheaper than you’d pay at your typical store.

7. GET CREATIVE WITH PACKING: Don’t just pack the bins and baskets you have in boxes like everything else. Using what you already have as moving supplies will help you save money and space during the move!

8. PLASTICS WRAP DRAWERS: Instead of emptying out all of your dresser drawers, try plastic wrapping the whole thing. Leave them full, the plastic wrap will help to ensure nothing will move during the move.

9. USE WINE BOXES FOR GLASSES: Transporting glassware can be a scary and tedious task. Use old wine boxes to spread out and protect your glasses from getting damaged during the move!

LEAST: To ensure you don’t forget what goes into where when you arrive at your new home, take pictures of the cords for confusing electronics. This will save you from the panic of not knowing where anything goes!

We hope you found these tips valuable! If you're still looking for your next place schedule a tour with our leasing team today! We'd love to show you around our brand new community.